2008 February 17: New page

Long time without site update, but today I added a new page. This page might also explain why I didn't update my site as often...

2007 November 24: TodoTool 1.3 changes, Visual Studio 2008 Express editions, XNA 2.0 beta

Unfortunately node drag & drop will not be part of TodoTool 1.3. There are just too many issues with the treeview, and the interaction with the undo system is also broken at the moment. Therefore I will release 1.3 without node drag & drop.

Since the express editions of Visual Studio 2008 have been released earlier this week I will gradually migrate my projects to the new versions. This will not change the requirements for running TodoTool, it will still just require the .NET 2.0 framework.

Also released was the first beta of XNA Game Studio 2.0. I had a look at what's new, and found a few useful things, but the networking support that was announced with so much ado is a bit disappointing from my point of view (which is PC-centric and developer-centric, I don't care much about the XBox 360 as I don't own one).

2007 November 20: TodoTool 1.3 nearing completion

I'm currently implementing node drag & drop, which is the last missing feature before I can release 1.3. It should be ready later this week (hopefully).

2007 November 8: Iconpack updated

I updated my iconpack|essential icon pack: Undo and Redo icons were added).

2007 November 7: TodoTool 1.3 delayed

The next version is going to be released a bit later than I anticipated. As shown in the roadmap image on the TodoTool page I planned to add at least Undo/Redo, Priorities and Item drag&drop for this release. Priorities are already finished, Undo/Redo is almost complete, but I haven't even started on Item drag&drop. So, no weekly tuesday releases for the time being...

2007 November 2: Website menu cleaned up

I just finished cleaning up the menu of this site a bit. Some pages became obsolete and were changed to a simple "this page moved" message. No links were broken though.

2007 October 30: TodoTool 1.2 released

Could it be that I find myself releasing each new version of TodoTool exactly one week after the previous one? Anyway, 1.2 is out.

2007 October 23: TodoTool 1.1 released

/data/TodoTool/screenshot-1.1.pngOnly 11 days after the initial release, this release adds some things that really should have been in the first release, but for time reasons weren't. Find it here.

2007 October 14: Permalinks

The links in the menus and in the texts of my site now make use of a permalinking mechanism, which increases the robustness of the links: permalinks stay the same even if the actual page they refer to is moved to a different URL.

Coming next: integration with Lightbox for image pages.

2007 October 12: Release of TodoTool 1.0, and other updates

I hereby release TodoTool 1.0 to the public. Go grab it while it's still hot.

The two iconpacks I released a while ago have been slightly updated (one icon was changed, and a small HTML error in the Readme was corrected). And finally, the code that powers this site was upgraded to the latest version I have on my harddisk.

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